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Welcome - Jan Piotrowsky

The Belgian Federation for Roller Sports celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2009, an important mile stone which of course could not remain unnoticed. Moreover, this respectable age could have been even higher knowing that the roller skate was officially already invented 200 years ago by the Belgian Joseph Merlin.

One of the summits in this anniversary celebration will be, without any doubt, the organisation of the European Championships Roller Speed Skating in Zandvoorde. This organisation got an extra dimension during the previous EC in Germany, where both CEC and the other European nations could be persuaded to join all speed championships in 2009 in one organisation and to introduce all events for cadets, juniors and seniors in one mixed programme. We are of course very grateful for this decision.

Above all, the aim of this organisation is to increase the attention for roller sports in Belgium, more in particular for the spectacular speed skating discipline.
Besides that, it is an excellent promotion for the election that will be held later this year in Denmark, where Roller Speed Skating could be elected as a new Olympic Games’ discipline.

The Belgian Federation for Roller Sports wishes you a lot of fun in Zandvoorde and the best of luck to all participants in the competitions!


Medals 2009

Italy 36 19 16 71
Belgium 13 12 7 32
Germany 10 14 11 35
Netherlands 4 11 7 23
France 3 5 15 23
Spain 1 3 5 9
Portugal 1 1 3 5
Austria 0 1 2 3
Switzerland 0 1 1 2
Denmark 0 0 1 1

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